Love is the answer!

What’s your plan to make customers fall in love with your business?

It’s only 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day. Are you planning something exciting from your business to your customers? Valentines might not be where you plan to go ‘Crazy in love’ with your budget but there are still some cost effective ways to show people that ‘You’ve got the love!’

1.Send it, with LOVE!

Create a fun video from your business or staff, and post it on your social sites. If you make it really engaging, people will share it so others can see, it might even go viral. How about a video tour of your shop, new cars, or your staff lip syncing to a compilation of power love ballads.
Offer an incentive – place a number of heart shaped objects in the video and get your visitors to ‘comment’ how many there are, or how many times ‘LOVE’ was mentioned, to win a prize.

2.Share the LOVE on social media.

Send your customers an e-valentines day card on the 14th Feb. When they open the card, it will contain a heart felt message from your business wishing them a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. It might include a voucher code to use online or in store. You might want to host a competition to win a bottle of champagne, or one of your new and exciting products, all they need to do is hit ‘reply.’

3.Got the LOVE blog?

What is it your business does? Can you create a really interesting Top 10 list themed with Valentines which brings people back to your website? Here’s some ideas:

Jewellery/ Gift shops: Top 10 places/ways to propose this Valentines
Restaurants: Top 10 recommended recipes to make for your loved one
Clothing retailers: Top 10 dresses/ outfits for your date night
Beauty stores: Make up looks or products to make anyone pucker up
Car dealerships: At least you can test drive this relationship! (highlighting the latest car).

Then once you’ve written your blog, post it online and direct it to the place that’s going to increase your sales.

4.LOVE isn’t Blind – Decorate your shop window

If your lucky enough to have a shop window with passing trade, make it something to stop and look at. Can you run a competition from it, with entries taken in store? Why not put two people in the window, attracting passers by, they could be interacting with each other or the public. Maybe showing off some of the great Vday gifts you have on offer in store.

5.Lonely Hearts – host a singles party

If you’re a cafe owner, why not have a singles event where people can get to know each other over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake? Make some special cupcakes and ‘love infused’ tea, just to add that special romance.

6.Cupid’s Spell

Place a ‘Cupid’ character or ‘Love Angel’ outside your shop to give out little Valentine’s chocolates or flowers. It’s fun, will create talk ability and you can put videos online to show everyone what you’re doing. The recipients will feel that extra love from you and will spread the word of their little experience.

Here’s are a few ideas which can hopefully spark of some inspiration…the ideas are endless and we are full of them. No matter what business you have, there’s an idea to make you Stand Out and we can help. Just drop us an email or contact us below.